The Hassan Hathout Legacy Foundation, a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation, was founded after Hassan Hathout’s death in 2009 as the exclusive caretaker of the diverse and sizeable body of work produced by Hassan Hathout, MD, PhD, FRCOG, FRCSE, FACS in the fields of academic medicine and medical ethics, humanities, theology, the Abrahamic faiths, Islam and its ethics, interfaith dialogue, literature and poetry.

The Hassan Hathout Legacy Foundation is an independent organization, and is not affiliated with any religious or governmental entity.

The goals of the foundation include the continued expansion of the website, and the provision of resources to enable learning about Islam as believed in, and practiced by, Dr. Hassan Hathout. Initiatives, projects and programs will be developed independently as well as with universities, school systems, interfaith organizations and groups who share Hassan Hathout’s values. A major priority of the foundation is to establish a research library for those interested in learning more about his encyclopedic personality. This corpus will also serve those aiming to preserve Hassan Hathout’s memory as a man of God, a man of science, and a man of love.

Board of Directors:

  • President: Dr. Eba Hassan Hathout
  • Chairman: Mr. Dafer M. Dakhil
  • Member: Dr. Wayel Azmeh
  • Member: Mr. Khaled Tawfik
  • Member: Miss Sarrah Shahawy
  • Member: Mr. Hassaan Shahawy

Advisory Council

  • Dr. AbdelAziz Sachedina

Honorary Advisors:

  • Dr. Salonas Hathout
  • Dr. Maher Hathout (in memory)
  • Dr. Fathi Osman (in memory)

Honorary Life-time Members include:

  • Rabbi Leonard Beerman (in memory)
  • Reverend George Regas
  • Dr. Omar Alfi