Hassan Hathout Books Campaign:

a.) In an effort to spread Hassan Hathout’s philosophy of love in God and expression of Islam in its true form, The Hassan Hathout Legacy Foundation is launching a campaign to expand the readership of Hassan Hathout’s books to the widest audience possible. This entails making his books available to libraries in cities, schools, universities, and other institutions throughout North America.

b.) We are calling upon volunteers who are willing to deliver his books to libraries.

c.) To volunteer or for more information, please email info@HassanHathoutLegacy.org

Other Projects:

*Organization and expansion of the HassanHathout.org website

*Outreach efforts to promote HassanHathout.org website visits

*The establishment of a Hassan Hathout book club locally or online

*The cataloguing and archiving of Hassan Hathout books, perhaps in the Library of Congress

*Publishing a collection of Hassan Hathout Friday and Ramadan Sermons

*We are very interested in hosting conferences centered around the themes Dr. Hassan valued: the concept of love in Islam, the Abrahamic faith traditions, medical ethics from a moral and religious point of view, and the importance of interfaith cooperation as a road to world peace

*Another ongoing project is the translation and republication of some Hassan Hathout books. His last book, Audible Silence, has been translated into Arabic and published since his death under the title Al-Samtol Mubeen. Spanish, French, and Arabic translations of Reading the Muslim Mind have been completed and posted on the web site.